Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bebel 2

I just saw a documentary focusing on weird things that people eat. Macam reptile.. and I just a weird disgusting thing, telur itik direbus selepas diperam selama 14-17 hari. Isi dia, so mengerikan as, you can see embrio anak itik dengan bulu2 yang sedang membesar. How gross. Euww! Eee..

And, I tot I am weird. Even dari aspek lain.

I was born 35 years plus2 ago as a middle child. In a moderate family dibawah campuran keturunan pulau pinang, perlis and mengikut salasiah keluarga, a little bit of siamese and cambodian.

Still single and I dont want to disclose my status whether I boleh didekati atau tak as I cant decide right now. Maybe I am comfortable this way or maybe I'm used to it or maybe takde orang kelapaq or maybe..Ah! dem it. Banyak alasan.

My lifestyle sejak dari kecil majoriti lebih pada sdn bhd. It's not my choice tapi more to sebab terpaksa menyesuai keadaan. No need to elaborate, its not an interesting story.

I try to learn to be more open especeli untuk bersosial. And I guess belum menjadi, as I still feel sumtink is still missing. I'm not trying hard enough? Or maybe I have to redha macam ni. Nothing to change, you are good and fit as what you are. Persoalan untuk orang bujang macam I. I think most people yang tak ada kekasih hati (family tolak tepi kejap) sumtime will think about their appearance. At least. Unless you tak ada perasaan. Then you dont care at all.

If you have kekasih hati, most of the time, everything yang your partner suka, you will try to adapt. Jaga hati. Its obvious. Ok.

I went to several occasions where people tend to judge me because of my silentness. Or ada sebab lain, I donno. Wo pu cer tau. Muka masam, x senyum.. ahhh! People always try to find fault in you and somtime I wonder what exactly is the real reason. Macam ada sumting hiding but covering it atas alasan lain.

Kenapa tak berterus-terang? I might pissed off becoz I'm no angel tapi lebih baik dari mengata and assuming. Thats hipokrit.

Well.. I'm still thinking.

anne/kak naa

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