Tuesday, May 11, 2010

coming soon - balik kampung

I got a call from my brother... Asked me to balik kampung next month. Ada makan2.. yey! Menambahkan kegemukkan.. bagus!!!!

Ekceli, he will open his own nasi kandar's restaurant.. So ada la kenduri doa kesyukuran and makan2.

And I plak plan nak belajar buat nasi kandar from him. Really eksaited. When I mention this to a friend the other day. Dia ckp nak belajar apa? Just plain nasi and lauk2 je. You can even flip any cooking book or browse je kat internet.

My fren cayunk..nasi kandar perlis is different from any other places. One thing sebab nasi dia kaler kuning not like other nasi kandar yang warna putih. The taste is different. You can even eat it on its own. Serious sedap. U shud try.

I dont know about the lauk pauk. Maybe sama or slightly different. Tapi walau macammana pun sebab I mmg tak pandai masak, tak kiralah apa, I have to start from the bottom. He can kelentong anything at all and I will percaya bulat2.. Camtu sekali gayanya.

And whatever it is I'm going to be there.. Confirm! I can't wait.

anne/kak naa

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